Resume | Bryan Zhu

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= = = = = EDUCATION = = = = =

Double Major: Electrical Engineering + Computer Science

Rutgers University School of Engineering
New Brunswick, NJ
2018 - Present

Cumulative GPA 3.93/4.00 – Dean’s List – est. graduation May 2021

Brookdale Community College
Lincroft, NJ
2017 - 2018

Cumulative GPA 4.00/4.00 – Dean’s List

Cornell University College of Engineering
Ithaca, NY
2011 - 2016

Holmdel High School
Holmdel, NJ
2007 - 2011

Cumulative GPA 4.36/4.00

= = = = = EXPERIENCE = = = = =

Telemetry Lead & Electrical Engineer
on Rutgers University’s Solar Car Project Team
2019 – Present

Leading telemetry pipeline creation with the purpose of remotely monitoring and analyzing vehicle metrics in order to help mission control formulate competition racing strategies

  • programming STM32 microcontrollers via C HAL drivers to read data from sensors connected via CAN, I2C, and UART for transmission over radio and find areas where efficiency improvements can be made
  • learning Altium to design PCB for control system in charge of safely starting up and shutting down the vehicle
  • training current members and onboarding new recruits on documentation best practices with wikis and task management best practices with Kanban boards

Academic Chair
on Tau Beta Pi NJ Beta Chapter
2020 August - 2020 December

Organized research night for the Rutgers community in order to inform students about university research opportunities

Junior Research Engineer
at SubUAS
2020 August - Present

Advising mechanical engineers on object detection methods in order to improve performance of drone-mounted system

  • optimizing existing implementation on Jetson Nano companion computer with Google Coral USB Accelerator to improve detection rates with Single-Shot Detector (SSD) models

Smart Intersection Project Intern
2020 June - 2020 July

Created vehicle tracker and counter for live intersection footage using YOLOv3 object detection running on NVIDIA DeepStream in order to estimate traffic flow and compare vehicle quantities from different days and time periods

  • presented findings and instructions on DeepStream object detection to entire intern class to inform interns and advisors on our usage of tools in common with other projects

Software Engineering Intern
at iCIMS
2019 Summer

Built and trained Keras deep learning model (machine learning, natural language processing) to suggest job description text for recruiters in order to expedite creation of effective job applications

  • utilized agile development practices such as Scrum, daily stand-ups, and test-driven development while working with other employees on iCIMS Data Engineering team
  • created documentation and learning resources for employees to continue work on project after internship ended

Programmer and System Administrator
on Cornell University’s Violet Nanosatellite Project Team
2012 - 2016

Coded mission control procedures in C and InControl JAS while also serving as team’s system administration in order to carry out mission goals set forth by US Air Force and maintain team productivity

  • coded and documented Java command functions and XML telemetry points to be used in satellite operations
  • created Python scripts to speed up subsystem workflow
  • maintained project team server and code repo, managed email listservs, and coordinated with university IT to solve problems

= = = = = PERSONAL PROJECTS = = = = =

Custom Mechanical Keyboard

(in-progress) Split ergonomic mechanical keyboard; wanted keyboard that suited typing habits better than the Ergodox layout

  • learning Altium to design PCB with custom keyswitch layout
  • controlled via Teensy microcontroller flashed with QMK firmware

Raspberry Pi Alarm Mat

(in-progress) Talking alarm clock controlled by pressure mat; inspired by overpriced commercial product

  • project uses self-made Velostat pressure mat
  • will also announce time, weather, and upcoming calendar events

Home Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

(in-progress) Backup NAS with ZFS file system for data redundancy; needed central, local store location for family photos and files

  • hosts VMs and serves as IP security camera NVR

BCI Tree Shadow Display

Virtual setpiece affected by human-worn electroencephalogram; wanted to experiment with Unreal Engine 4

  • leaf and branch shadows influenced by brainwave inputs from a commercial BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) device

= = = = = ACHIEVEMENTS = = = = =

James J. Slade Scholar
at Rutgers University School of Engineering
2020 - 2021

Research Thesis: Wearable Spectrophotometer for Hematocrit Measurement aimed at Anemia and Dehydration Monitoring

"Best Car App" Category Runner Up
at HackRU Spring 2019
2019 March

Built proximity-based notification system using SmartCar Python SDK, Google Maps API, & Twilio API to send an SMS alert or voice call when smart-car enters or leaves user-configurable areas

Outstanding Research Writing Project
at Rutgers Undergraduate Research Writing Conference

"Best use of iCIMS Hackathon API" Category Winner
at iCIMS Halloween Hackathon 2018
2018 October

Conducted data exploration using hackathon API in order to discover the most common skills successful job applicants had

Jacobs Scholarship Recipient
at Cornell University College of Engineering
2011 - 2013

US Provisional Patent Filer (two)
2010 - 2011

Filed provisional patents for algae bioreactor concept from high-school mini-grant and wooden kayak assembly method using zippers

High School Mini-grant Recipient (four)
2007 - 2011

Applied for and independently executed one mini-grant focused on climate change research every high school year

= = = = = SKILLS = = = = =


  • comfortable with Keras, Tensorflow, and NVIDIA DeepStream for machine learning
  • comfortable with agile software development methodologies
  • familiar with analog electric circuitry and soldering
  • familiar with 3D printers and CADing models


  • proficient with Java, MATLAB, HTML, CSS, and XML
  • proficient (self-taught) with Python, C, LaTeX, and Regex
  • familiar with SystemVerilog, C++, JavaScript, SQL


  • avid user of Sublime Text 3
  • proficient with Git and Subversion version control
  • proficient with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and SharePoint
  • comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro
  • comfortable with Linux (Ubuntu and Raspbian) and UNIX (FreeBSD)